Sunday, March 2, 2014


Went to the Satchi Gallery in London a few months back, I wandered around for a bit and a few things caught my eye. I was about to leave when a familiar smell hit me. I followed my nose down a flight of stairs and walked into a room where Richard Wilson's 20:50 installation was on display. I had seen this once before at the Royal College of Art about 20 years ago and liked it. It all looks like it might be a bit wanky right? but when you're standing in that room time seems to stand still. Its quiet and peaceful. There is not a ripple on the surface of the used oil and the reflections of lights and windows are perfect. Then there is the smell, one that most of us who have messed with old bikes and cars know only too well. Unfortunately iPhone pics do not do it any justice at all. So, well worth a visit then and the gallery is actually free to get in, shock horror!

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