Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Subscriber Postage Costs.

We have received some complaints about postage costs for subscribers in Europe. The mag is bigger and heavier now so the postage has increased to $39 for 6 issues to Europe. We dropped the cover price for subscribers from issue 50 to try and compensate for that increase. What that means is each copy of your subscription to Europe, including postage, is $13.50 which at today's exchange rate works out at 10.00 Euros. Unfortunately worldwide postage rates are out of our control but we are working on ways of trying to 'cheat' the system a little. I really do think it is worth 10 Euros, what with the extra pages, the high quality, the gorgeousness and all of that jazz. Many thanks to everyone for your continued support and your very kind comments about our new look. We have some fantastic plans for the future my friends. Watch this space!

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