Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hey Hey.

We just wanted to take this opportunity to try and reply to a few of the latest Dice social media criticisms. Firstly, we want to again apologise for the lateness of our latest issue, #51. It's been a total fucking nightmare. I hope that by now most people in the USA, Canada, Australia etc will have received their copy, if not it should be any day now. As for Europe, well, I got confirmation from UK customs on Friday letting me know that they will be releasing the mags on Monday. They have had them over a month now the twats! All the envelopes are addressed and stamped and as soon as the mags arrive in Sutton, mid week they will be flying out the door. We will not have this problem with issue 52 I can assure you. Which, incidentally, is already at the printers. Secondly we have seen various posts on various sites with people complaining about not receiving magazines from their subscriptions, people not getting replies to emails and feeling like they are getting ripped off. It has never been our intention over the last ten years to ever rip anyone off. If a mag has not arrived then something is quite clearly wrong (usually an incorrect address problem) and can be easily fixed. We do reply to all emails we receive and can usually sort problems right away. I guess some must slip through the net although I'm confused as to how. People have also criticised the price increase. The mag is now 132 pages thick, the paper is a heavy high quality and is now a larger format. All of that costs a little more money. We didn't want to compromise on the overall quality of the magazine in any way by using thinner paper and/or less pages. We do think it is worth the $8.95. It is still only Dean and myself who do everything with Justina keeping track of the admin. Keeping the staff low is how we have survived thus far. That does unfortunately mean we can be a bit stretched some of the time but we do try and keep on top of the problems, of which there can be many. We are very passionate about what we do and we try very hard to keep everyone happy. If you have a problem please feel free to email me at


  1. Some folk live to bitch and don't even have the spine to go direct.

  2. Guysm, you are still doing a great job!
    Anyone who has ever tried to organize printing. postage and editing knows what you d - for the others:
    I takes a little time if everything changed...


  3. those that are complaining have NO idea what it takes to publish a mag and should STFU.

    i worked for a large publication and yall doing it with three people deserve a standing O

  4. The price increase is fine, bigger magazine, etc... Totally worth the increase. Now, regarding the shipping costs, it used to be $11 for Europe, now it's $47.

    That is $89 for 6 issues, which is unfortunately too much for me. AND I sent you a mail about that and never got a reply, but that's fine.

    I'm only bummed that I won't receive DicE no more...

    1. Hello mate, I hear you about the shipping. The mag is bigger and heavier now so the postage has increased. In fact it's $39 not $47 for 6 issues to Europe. We also dropped the cover price for subscribers too to try and compensate for the postage increase. What that means is each copy to Europe including postage is $13.50 which at today's exchange rate is only 10.00 Euros. I'm sorry you won't be getting the mag anymore as losing readers is obviously not what we want. I do think it is worth 10 Euros though, what with the extra pages and all of that.
      Cheers bruv

  5. I think it should be 10 dollars. Thank you so much for doing what you do. So much respect.

  6. I answer emails from 6.30am through to 1am some days and still get the 'where the fuck's my mag mang?' type messages. You will never satisfy everyone. Just refund 'em and blackball 'em... there's plenty of big-publisher newsstand bandwagon-jumping shit for them to read.

  7. I will always think you're lovely, Matt. :)

  8. The only time I missed a mag through my sub, I let you guys know and I received the missing mag right away. DiCe RULES!!! Thanks for everything you guys do.

  9. Hey Matt, I got on board at around issue 17 and actually now have all issues, except for 51 ;-) . I think you are all doing a excellent job, but shit will always to get in the way, it's a pity that folks don't realise how hard what you are doing is. The price reflects the quality of what you do and now the shipping to the UK is correct, job done. Looking forward to the next 50 issues.

  10. Dice Magazine is the best thing that ever happened to our little world of choppers, like Jeff i recon its too cheap. Forums are full of people who never complain to you but are happy to complain about you, you can only hope they have acute dental problems. I noticed you were both very stressed at the weekend, have a holiday x. Pete

  11. #51 arrived today, yeah! After the jobsworths at UK customs then being sent on to battle the useless French postal service this side of the channel it's a bloody miracle it arrived at all! Was it worth it Hell Yesssss! Best issue yet.
    Take no notice of the idiots.

  12. To be honest I preferred the old smaller format and the old less expensive price tag, I do not feel that the new larger format justifies the price hike,too many full page or double page ad's!
    I'm a UK subscriber and have been since the very early issues and will continue to do so,Dice and GKM are a few of the little luxuries in life I cherish.
    As for the foolish suggestion that is not expensive enough,maybe these guys want to try living at the bottom end of our monetary system.
    I did contact Matt & Dean,too which I got an immediate reply.
    I look forward to the next 50,keep up the good work!
    Good luck & God bless xx