Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Eight Hundred and Eighty Three

So here's a brief story. Harley in all their wisdom decided to give us a brand spanking new Sportster with 12 miles on the clock, and a little cash. 'Go ahead and customise the bike as you see fit' they said, 'ok' we said. Well, can you Adam and Eve it? A little bit of paint here and there, change the bars maybe, some shiney exhausts and bobs your uncle they thought. Oh no its not we thought. We knew exactly what we were going to do so it was over to JD's shop, 1 week later all that was left was the motor and lower frame. 6 weeks later this is what rolled out of the place, love it!! not too sure what HD think though, ahem, well nevermind eh?!. To see the build in more detail HD Dark Custom Blog
JD did all the hardwork, him and Caleb are brilliant, more here at Thirteen 24
Jaymes from Blue Moon Customs handled the mind blowing paint, pipe kit from Biltwell, lights from John Krena. All the other stuff, like the front end, seat, fender, sissy bar etc etc I got from friends, swapmeets and ebay. It runs super sweet.

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