Friday, July 25, 2014

The Welders Wife Life.

Aslyn's Husbands 1971 Ironhead.
"For almost three years, my husband has been building this bike. When we first started dating, I remember spending every other night in the garage as he tore it down, chopped it, and hard tailed it. After that, I hurdled pieces of it in a barely 100 sq ft apartment to catch a bus every morning. This bike became part of our family. I swear it was the first sound my daughter heard, along with Dad swearing because the timing STILL wasn't right. My husband worked on this bike every day after work until he was too pissed off at it to give it any more work for the day. And finally it's reached a point where it's 'done'. I say that loosely because everyone knows these finicky damn bikes are never 'done'. I even earned my stripes on this bike. Hell, my left thigh is still numb from a ride a week ago down a gravel road."
Aslyn Lapham

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