Monday, February 17, 2014

Coming Soon...

...We are really excited to announce a fantastic collaboration with our good friends at Heptown Records in Sweden on a very special project. This time last year Me and 3 good friends decided to drive out to the desert and record at the legendary studio, Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree, and lay down 2 blistering songs for no other reason than the love for Rock n Roll. The plan was simple, write 2 songs, record everything live and mix it all in 2 days. Not only are these 3 other people friends of mine, but they are also hero's of mine so it made this session a dream come true and an experience that was absolutely mind blowing! The result is these 2 songs...'Sweet Anneli' & 'Messed Up'.

Heptown Records have released these songs as a single and they are now available on their online store...AND...they had a very limited number of copies made in Red Vinyl and we are super lucky to say that we will have 50 copies of these on their way and they will be one of the things to come with our 50 special Issue 54's, which we will be releasing next week! Stay tuned people...

ToughMFs are: Dean Micetich, Dave Catching, Brian BOC O'Conner & Joey Castillo.

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