Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chopped, Australia.

A few weeks back was the Chopped show located 150 miles outside of Melbourne. I was lucky enough to get out there and experience it first hand. The weather was great and a whole ton of people came out for the 3 day event. I met some great folks and had a very good time. What I liked best however was the fact that there were so few rules and restrictions. You could run what ever you wanted on the make shift drag strip and dirt track oval.....and everybody did. The beer flowed and the bands played all weekend. I ended up sleeping on the ground in a mates tent with a borrowed sleeping bag 'cos the organisers failed in their promise of providing me a bed. It was fucking freezing but the numbing effect of the alcohol and the mental jet lag really helped. I was up at 6am and managed to grab some pics of the morning after the night before. Good times and huge thanks to Rhys who took me under his wing for my enter trip.


  1. Nice man, it was a 2000 mile journey I couldn't spare the time to make . . . pisses me when promoters or whoever can't fulfil their commitments.

  2. Your a madman and a trouper and we love ya for it.