Friday, August 23, 2013

Birthday Ride. A Two Day Adventure. Pt 1.

It was my birthday on the 14th and I was all like "I'm going to ignore it 'cos I'm old and I don't care" and everyone was like "Don't be an idiot" and then I was going "See if I care" etc etc so some good friends and I all got together and took a 250 mile back country ride up on highway 33 and onto the 166 in So Cal to a little town called Los Alamos. Without doubt one of the worlds best motorcycle routes. The sun shone, the roads where empty and we had a lot of fun. Deans bike wasn't ready in time even after an 18 hour last minute push so he followed in the El Camino with Larry (he took these great photos) and Johan. Wil, Robo, Steven, Dan Collins, Daniel Ash and myself made up the bikes and Tina joined us in the evening. Friday night got completely out of control and I don't think the town will ever have us back. But that's a whole other story. Very good times indeed. More pics coming soon.
Photos: Larry Niehues.


  1. Hey Matt, looks like you had a great birthday. Mine's the 14th too....but I spent the day in bleedin' Maldon! Take it easy, George