Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Disasterdaze/Dice Party. BC Canada.

A lot of the time the most simple formula can make a great event. Dave has it nailed, now in it's ninth year Disasterdaze, located on not an island just some 30 miles from Vancouver BC, is one of the great ones. Find a fantastic location that requires some scenic riding to get to, that also comes with camping in amongst the trees. Make some lo fi signs. Book 2 very good bands, arrange for a local food truck to turn up that prepares fresh fish caught that same day. Get a load of very nice people to show up with a real interesting mix of bikes and Bobs your uncle. One of my favourite, most relaxed, fun events. Thanks for everything Dave and also a big shout out to Norm too. And thanks to everyone I talked and hung out with, friends old and new.