Thursday, March 22, 2012

DicE Issue 43!!

Issue's a STONKER!!

If you are one of those sweet sweet people who subscribe you will actually get the free 'FUCK THIS LETS RIDE' patch attached to your cover!!!'s more incentive to subscribe huh?!! If you don't, no matter, you still get 116 pages of pure pleasure.
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We are super excited to have the legendary Cycle Headz magazine from Japan inside this very issue!!! It's a fantastic is gonna love it mate!

This bike doesn't exist anymore. Eddie Cleveland nearly died on this bike. It will be on display at the DicE party on March 31st.

Girl On A Motorcycle. Sexy stuff. Tammi.
Pic: Michael Schmidt.

The last time we had this bike in DicE was issue 9! It has changed a lot since then. 2 different motors, different front end and different paint. Max Schaaf's Knucklehead 'Tears Of A Clown' is a killer sled.

Matt Landman works at Tiffany's in Manhattan, New York and he rides this Shovelhead chopper to work! WTF?! Brilliant.
Pic: Michael Schmidt.

Sexiness on a plate!! Bike's not bad either. Cycle 'Scotty Stopnik' Zombie.

Dean: You own a Zebra?
Milo: We painted a pony.
Renshaw: Yes we own a zebra. Don't you?

Jon Rispante aka Grass Hopper' aka 'Johnny Vegas' built this wicked BSA. It is currently leaking oil all over the floor of Tri Co...and we couldn't be more proud.
pic: Rachel K.

The first Bultaco to ever grace the pages of DicE and's a beauty!!
Pic: Lance Busch.

The Culver City look is one of the toughest around. Look at the front of the frame! Those tubes go straight up and down! JD's Shovelhead is bad to the brizzy.

In this issue we highlight some of our best bud Caleb's 'favorite things'...

He is a maniac. He is a genius. He shows you how to make some wicked BSA pipes.
Mullins Chain Drive tech.
Pic: Ken Nagahara.

Matt went to Italy and rode around Lake Como with some good friends. One of them was Tiz on this 1956 Panhead. This bike is so nice!!

Jesse from The Gasbox does it again with another super fine machine.
Pic: Scott Pease.

Have you ever been to Sweden? If not, you should go, the place is amazing and the people are wonderful. Fucker Chopper Fest.
Pic: Nicke Svensson.

Whit is our friend and he is from the south. Jeremiah from Love Cycles built him this Knucklehead. Jeremiah is our friend from Phoenix.


  1. Salivating in antici . . . . pation !!!!

  2. Sexiness on a plate!! Bike's not bad either. Cycle 'Scotty Stopnik' Zombie.

    Man, I am digging that bike. Do you have any geometry numbers on it?