Monday, February 27, 2012

Bobber Handlebars, Risers and Top Clamp For Sale

SOLD.....Nick, you are going to love it.

I was running these on my panhead and really liked the set up. I'm only changing them for something I found at the Long Beach swap that is pretty special. More on that later.
So this little set up includes the bars, old internal throttle type with new cable for a Linkert and original grips. Repop Flanders style risers and also the chrome springer offset top clamp.
The chrome on the bars is a little pitted in places and there is a 'scar' on the top bend on the throttle side. A couple of small holes too for a switch. It's all just patina really. None of that detracts from how cool they are.
You don't get the brake and clutch levers and cables of course. I kinda need those.
Buy them H E R E