Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tri-Co. A New Venture

Ok so let me tell you little story. We have had for few years now a small windowless office in the back of a building on Hollywood blvd bang next door to Glory. It was cheap and has served it's purpose. The front of the building used to be a shop (that's a store for our American friends) about 20 years ago. However the new landlord back then, Mike, turned it into real estate offices and that is how it has remained ever since. Myself, Dean and Mike get on really well. Mike approached us and asked if we were interested in turning it back into a shop. Well hell yes, sounds like a bloody good idea. It all stalled for a little while because the rent was just too high for us. It was then that our mate from London, Reino and his company The Great Frog and another friend, Jon, the owner of Dixie in Long Beach both stepped up. Low and behold we had the rent situation taken care of. Mike built out the whole shell for us and has been amazingly helpful throughout. We took it over on August 1st. As per usual we have had to do this on a very small budget and have been working round the clock ever since to get the place ready for an opening party on September 3rd. We are trying to do it all ourselves. I'm so bloody knackered. We have had a lot of help from friends too and can now actually see light at the end of the tunnel. Its going to be touch and go but we might actually be ready.

Come on over if you can, it should be a good night. Free beer. Music. Not free Food. And we will have some bike parking out front too.

This is how we left it last night. Still got the outside signs, accent lighting and actually putting stock into the place to do yet.
We will be selling Great Frog jewelry, Dixie clothing, Dice merch and some friends stuff. More on that later. It will be the sort of place that if you're in town then come and hang out. The Dice office will still be there in the back of the shop. Umami burger is right next door as is Glory too and us right in the middle.