Monday, May 23, 2011

Issue 38!!!

…Right, I’m a bit pissed off and let me tell you why that is. What the hell is that show ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ all about? Ok, it’s quite obvious what it’s all about, I just wanted to see if you knew…..That's right, Kim and her 2 sisters, one of which looks like a giant horse face and the other one that looks like the girl who work’s at the 7-11 in Glendale. Um, no one cares about their talent-less souls…but hold on a minute, people actually do watch that shit…I mean millions do! Seriously, who cares?! Don’t even get me started on their hog of a mother and that twat of a stepdad who needs to grow a pair. Fair enough Kim is not bad looking, but what else does she have to offer the world? Since when does having a fat arse make you a top celebrity? I hope they all get acne or something.
Anyways, DicE issue 38 is out and it’s not too shabby!

The Kung Fu inspired cover was man handled by Tobias Geye and it will chop your damn face in half.

This issue also includes issue 3 of the fantastic Motorcycho magazine insert, 2 mags for the price of one then, so....
Hold on what? You don’t subscribe??!!! No mate, say it ain’t true! Sign up today!

It was that bloke from The Beatles who once said; “They may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” Which is quite nice. But he also said; “I am the apeman, I am the walrus.” So I don’t know what to believe.
Nick. The Haints. Weed. Dudes. Kiss. Alabama.
Pic: Benji Laney

Copy and paste this…it will tell you everything you ever wanted to know.
It has nothing to do with Jon Rispantes Triumph...but your welcome.

Toshi just finished this lovely little Ironhead Sportster for his mate Gary over in London and it’s a right little winner! Bell 45 strikes again!

Sara is from Oakland and she rides this Triumph. The photos are incredible and really capture the moment perfectly.
Pic: Michael Schmidt.

Cryptic clue: A person fell into a puddle in Texas.
Answer: Wet Knee Houston.
Ryan’s Knucklehead reminds me of Whitney Houston actually…it’s just as wild as she is.
Pic: Memry Anderson.

As you probably already know, we are doing a 7 part article on the White Knights In The House Of Kolor from NY. In this issue we see Wes Lang's wild slab sided Shovelhead Chopper built by fellow WKITHOK member, Keino Sasaki.
Pic: Nyra Lang.

CL Dey is a good friend of ours. We met him for the first time at the DicE party in Brooklyn a couple of years back. We drank beers, we drank shots, his sister slapped me in the face and he pointed at me and laughed. Here is his Ironhead Sportster…it turned out brilliant!
Pic: Pam Grund.

You don’t see that many Triumph Tiger Cubs knocking about these days, so when we saw this wicked little bike built by Danny from Hard Nine Choppers, we had to have it in DicE!
Pic: Laurent Bagnard.

"The Knucklehead was a Harley-Davidson motorcycle engine, so named because of the distinct shape of the rocker boxes. The engine is a two cylinder 45 degree, pushrod actuated overhead valve V-twin engine with two valves per cylinder. It was the third basic type of V-Twin engine used by Harley-Davidson, replacing the Flathead-engined VL model in 1936 as HD's top-of-the-line model. The engine was manufactured until 1947 and was replaced by the Panhead engine in 1948. The Knucklehead-engined models were originally referred to as ‘OHVs’ by enthusiasts of the time; the nickname ‘Knucklehead’ arose from the California chopper culture of the late 1960s. As the design of Harley-Davidson engines has evolved through the years, the distinctive shape of the valve covers has allowed Harley enthusiasts to classify an engine simply by looking at the shape of the cover. A knucklehead engine has round knobs on the cover resembling knuckles that give it its name"
Phew, that's a lot of typing. Damn you Wikipedia.
Pic: Michael Schmidt

Have you ever eaten at that home style cooking place, Cracker Barrel? If you haven’t then you haven’t lived. If Mirkos Shovelhead was one of their sides, it would be the turnip greens…they are AMAZING!!!
Pic: Luca Stecca.

When I was about 8 I thought the English TV show ‘Rainbow’ was the greatest thing ever invented in the whole world. 23 years later I’m still convinced it is. ‘George’ the gay pink hippo was my absolute fave, but ‘Zippy’ wasn’t far behind in close second. Remember Rod, Jane and Freddy too? They used to absolutely rock my world with their happy, happy songs. Road Worn & Weary.

Queens Park Rangers football team just won the championship and are now top of the league. Yeah I know…how the hell did they pull that off? I can’t believe it either. Dean.
Well Dean, it's really obviuos, It's because they are the best team in London of course.
Pic: Adam Wright.

I love stories like the one James from Killer Bobbers in Copenhagen told us about this WLC. A guy walks into his shop one day and asks if he likes old Harley Davidsons…yeah…you know where this one is going don’t you!

We got to check out Vance’s LSD Machine Triumph in Brooklyn last year and in Philadelphia last weekend, it is gorgeous! We also got to see some sweet break dance moves at a shady strip club/bar after the DicE issue release party….oh wait, that was me pulling off those sick moves.
Pic: Mark Wiitanen.

There is a very fine line between genius and insanity. There is also a very fine line when girls wear their trousers too tight. Yep VPL: visible panty line. Nicke is an insane genius.
Pic: Nicke Svenson

Kurt has owned this here Shovel for yonks!! Every few years he changes it up and this is the latest incarnation. I’m not gonna lie…I would love this thing in my garage.

Dr. Glory. Wanker.

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