Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Berdoo Brothers.

I had lunch today with the crew from LA Speed Shop and 'The Beautiful Buzzard' and 'Douggie Poo from Berdoo'! These guys have so many stories it's unreal! You have all seen the iconic riding shots of these guys in LIFE magazine from back in the day. Check out my shot...that's a picture of themselves they are holding from back in the early '60s with Buzzards rattle canned black Panhead! He remembers painting it without masking it off, so he had to scrape black paint off the headlight lens and some off the chrome!
On the left is Douggie and on the right is Buzzard.

here they are riding with the pack in 1965.
Buzzard on the left with his huge Ed Roth iron Cross around his neck and Douggie is in the center with a bandana and cigar.


  1. So fucking sweet...Love the cigar.

  2. That rules so hard! I have always loved that photo, that's awesome.

  3. nice to see some survived those times...

  4. diggin the giant iron cross and the cigar while riding!!! rulers

  5. Back then the lighter, hotter Ironheads (XLCH) were the corvettes of the motorcycle culture. My gear in those days consisted of a watchcap secured with goggles to keep my longhair from getting AFU in the wind. Funny, had no hassles with the man in the East Bay, but they were crawling up my butt in Santa Cruz County.

  6. Holy Choppergods!!!

    Thanks for this post! So good to see these guys alive and kickin'!
    (and still havin' fun)

    Cheers Sik