Monday, April 5, 2010

Blog Meister General

Y'know when you have a blog right? and you collect some pictures that you think are cool and would look great on the blog but they get held up and you think one day I will post them but you never do and you still think they are really cool and I must get round to it, hmmmmm? Well thats what I'm doing now.

A nice seat

Broken clutch cable, last summer in Sherman Oaks, Saturday night. Triple A again, Ho Hum.

Steve Jones on the telly. Class mate. No, wait, on a computer monitor.


Jake wearing his, at the time, girlfriends hat. At least he said it was her hat. Isle of Man in the late 80's after a night out at Bushys. Man I was a mess.


Bryan skating a bit of ramp action.

Ohio Joe's fridge

Caleb on his way home

Brighton breakdown

Rob at home in Belgium

Dean, tough guy. With a VL frontend

Love it. Thank you everyone xxxxx


  1. steve jones
    or frank butcher
    " OI PAT!
    dont leave me PAT!"

  2. maybe you should photoshop this to say DICE GIRLS