Thursday, December 10, 2009


"I spend more time than most thinking about whether or not magazines will live or die, since my family and I own a few of them. I've been to conferences about whether or not they will survive. I am barraged by consultants trying to convince me magazines are on the verge of death.
Now, I do think e-readers and Kindles and iPhones have subsumed much of our reading and especially information needs.
But speaking from personal experience, I've noticed something lately. The more I use technology (and I am on the damn computer a lot...too much), the more I want to read a magazine. But I want different things than I wanted some years ago. Frankly, I want a break. I want to be surprised and delighted. I want to relax and not have to decide which page I'm going to next. I want to look at pictures. I want to sit back on my couch and not have a glowing screen staring me in the eyes. I want to be inspired. It's kind of like going on a great date, only I don't have to get dressed up.
The Internet is a technology that enables people to go out in SEARCH of things. I'm all for that and love it to pieces. But sometimes, I just want things to FIND me. Sometimes, I am just tired of looking and typing and seeking, and I just want to sit on my comfortable couch and be surprised when I turn the page.
That's why I believe magazines won't die"
Words by Maria Rodale, what she said.

And thats also a great belt buckle I got at the Rose Bowl a few months ago and thats my belly after eating lots of very tasty Japanese food for a week but damn, where did all that hair come from? Yuk!


  1. good magazines will stay
    bad will go..

    freah is the key...

    what people want to
    and where the scene is going.
    dig the mag ..

  2. Until they work out how to put computers in the shitters at work, magazines will never die.

  3. People will always want something physical in their hands when they pay to read something.

    And call that a belly? It would take me 10 years of 1000 sit-ups a day to get mine that flat.

  4. you cant beat the smell of a new magazine and when was the last time you had to plug in your magazine and boot it up, i rest my case

  5. computers are good for porn, what's gonna line the shelves of my elvis aaron presley memorial reading room? without dice magazine i would be nothing.