Sunday, November 15, 2009

I can't wait to go back to London...


  1. "If only i knew you were missing the treats of England!! I could've bought you some Monster Munch and Haribo over for ya......maybe not the kebab and kfc tho....doubt you'd want that by the time i got to L.A.!! So Monster Munch are doing this offer last time i was home that you buy 3 packs of big Monster Munch and you keep the empty packs send em with a fiver and you get a sick Monster Munch t-shirt!!! Im awaiting mine.....hope its on the mat when i get back to England!! Love the the blog x Have a great trip back to the U.K."
    Got this reply from Steve, he was having trouble posting a comment so he sent it by email. Monster Munch T shirts?! brilliant!!!

  2. How can Kebabs taste so good yet look so bad? I picked up a copy of Dice a while back at a bike show, I'll have to seek out some more, its pretty awesome, good work. Jack