Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ok so you all know how I feel about the WWW versus the printed word, here is further proof that you just can't beat reading an actual magazine. And the best bit is the more you thumb through them and the more dogeared they get the better they become. Don't get me wrong, I use the internet everyday, its a great hub of information, from Google maps to the But, think about this, a magazine is paper, and ink, they smell great, they look good on the coffee table or sitting on the toilet cistern. You can show the grandkids some interesting stuff. You can start a fire with them, and you can even pull some hot babe down the pub with a copy. Ok I made that last bit up but hey, it could happen. Anyways, these 3 are brilliant and everyone should buy them ( along with DicE naturally )

If you want more info on these titles then search the....erm.... internet. Damn!.


  1. HEY! there is no

  2. I hope you dont watch bike crashes. Thats really contrary to being a true rider, isnt it?