Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DicE Issue 44.

It's OK...don't be scared...they don't really exist...well not before midnight anyway! Issue 44 and the full-moon-knucklehead-stealing-wolfman cover by Josh Raymond! What's inside this corker of an issue you ask?...well let me tell ya...
Oh yes! That's right! In this very issue...the wonderful 'Sideburn' magazine insert!! 2 bodacious magazines for the price of one people!

Lee Bender absolutely kills it with these shots of Clayton's Shovelhead. Pic: Lee Bender.

Hands down the best article we have ever done in DicE magazine. Tiffany and her Buell Blast Chopper. Pic: Michael Schmidt.

Digger Darren and his OG Arlen Ness big twin from the 1970s! Pic: Ken Nagahara.

The King Of Brooklyn. Nuff said. Pic: Esther Montoro.

Chase Stopnik has since cut his hair and this bike doesn't even look like this anymore?! Pic: Scotty Stopnik.

Did you know that Black Widow bites cause nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and sometimes death...just saying. Pic: Milo Hiscox.

Larry from Garage Company Customs in Alabama are responsible for this wicked scoot. He is also responsible for the Dixie Roundup show. See my in depth insight of the show in the post below this one.

What were you doing in 1980? Well that was the year I was born so I wasn't doing much apart from eating, crapping and crying. I do know one thing...this Sturgis has aged much better than I have.

That's right...2 bikes from Copenhagen in one bleedin' issue! Red from Killer Bobbers and his Panhead.

It's skinny, it's beautiful, it's not Kim Kardashian because she is neither of those. P.s. It's Lucas' Panhead. Pic: Mark Kawakami.

Brandon at Mullins Chain Drive blesses us once again for the 3rd part in his BSA pipes rock opera. Pic: Ken Nagahara.

Copenhagen. Panhead. Customs by Jamesville. Word.

DicE magazine wouldn't be complete without a mind blowing article from the legendary Nicke Svensson...so here it is peeps.

Our good friend Ryan Grossman tells us what his 'Favourite Things' are in this very issue.

All the way from Sweden...Kalle Sjostrom's Triumph. Pic: Daniel Dywling.

Shawn from Imperial House gave us the scoop on his wicked Gennie Shovel and it's a beaut bruv!

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  1. Michael Schmidt's work is fantastic. G

  2. Core blimey shame i can;t get the magazines AGAIN!
    Hagen ain;t got em (BBQ Gladbeck!!) meeting bloody pissed, can;t get in to bottrop cos me bike is not conform cali fucking fornication Style ,so i can;t get em there!i,d do an abbo but i ain,t got pay pal,and sorry guy,s i reacon your so busy on the piss that you can;t be botherd with the small guy SO i,ve said it May be you will not print it maybe i,m a fucking twat buy youn know what who gives a fuck i,ll buy the horse back street choppers NOT as good as your mag but hey what can you do ok then enough said ride on .

    1. goosegreen is a genius, you should give him an editorial page.

    2. Erm, I'm not really sure what that all means? why can't you get a copy? is it not arriving in the post? no where to buy it locally? We can't be bothered with the small guy??!! that's really not true at all. I can try and sort out any problems you are having getting the mag, just shoot me an email.

    3. It,s not arriveing in düsseldorf,which is 75 klicks from me any way ,so NO where to buy locally ! talking to some guy,s some delay,s are programme wether it,s the post the editorial what the fuck do i know Can,t mail yer if i ain,t got your @ mail.... and even if i did what would be the difference i still have ;nt got pay pall, cos i,m to thick and don;t trust this electro lark.So i reacon i,ll just have to wait and buy three in a row from Hagen as usual Auf widersehen::

  3. nice work as always but that shot of Tiffany... outstanding!

  4. Did these issues ship yet? I'm still waiting on mine in the mail.